They say love is blind. I disagree. Infatuation is blind. Do you believe in ‘Love at first sight?’ Well, I don’t. Because love is not as simple as it seem to be. Love is seeing the flaws and accepting them. We fall into it, seek it out, cherish it and share it.

We say the long midnight talks, trusting each other completely, sharing what we have, shows how much we love a person. Little do we know that love cannot be measured, its infinite. It is the bond of affection and growth which grows together!

‘Our action says louder than our words’ . To  know a person whether he loves you the same way as you do is by his actions.  Many of you may have the same problem of knowing whether that person feels the same for you or not but the truth is that we cannot seek for the love from others forcibly. Love is given freely , without any condition or restriction. Each one of us have a very different idea about what love meant and so do their actions.

It can be one-sided or the whole of it, but its given freely. It is an emotional and spiritual connection between two souls. Being physically connected shows no sign of love because our skins have nothing to do with such love. Many right now are living closer but there is no love between them and just opposing them are those people who are not  nearer but still together.

It is not about coming together as halves to become a whole. It is to know and love yourself a whole lot and giving that love to the person who desires. That’s what I call is divine and unconditional.

Love has nothing to do with relationship, obsession, possession, and addiction.

It is pure and infinite.


~Thank You ❤



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